Author: Molly Cooper

More About Microwave Dishes

Back to the microwave dish conversation. Even though microwave dishes come in a variety of sizes and varieties, they all perform the same type of function, to link at least two sites together, usually more. The microwave is then limited by line of sight (LOS), so if we wanted to link someone’s house with their lake house, the dish we mount at the main house has to be able to “see” the dish at the lake house unobstructed. We would both need towers for that because of all the trees between the two locations. Some microwave dish uses are...

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Towers in the Ocean

One of the problems of working in the wireless industry is that you start to notice towers everywhere.   You basically can’t escape noticing them.   Our own Teresa was on a fishing excursion out in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 70 miles offshore when the Captain took them out near this tower where fish tend to congregate. She asked our tower construction expert- Molly-about this tower.   Here is Molly’s response. “It looks like a radio repeater or navigational VOR transponder or a combination thereof.  Boats have AIS antennas (Automatic Identification Antennas) which relay signals about the craft for identification purposes. ...

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