This picture is from a 1500′ tower in Santa Maria, Texas. Note the white antenna. The cool thing about this picture is that it is a bright, sunny, and hot day; as we climbed the tower, we climbed into a cloud. The cloud was about 900′ on the tower, so by the time I got to the top, it was sunny again, but I could not see the ground.

The small pink thing in the picture is called a runner, which is webbing or rope that we use for rigging or making climbing access points. The two long cables on the tower are elevator cables; yes, the tower had an elevator, but of course, it was broken, so we had to climb anyway. Here is a better version of the photo:

The antenna comes from a Qualcomm endeavor that is now defunct called MediaFlo. Below the MediaFlo antenna is an FM antenna with multiple bays.