Water tanks are a convenient way for carriers to place antennas on an existing structure. Below are photos of three different types of water tank structures and the antennas on each. In the first picture, there is a water tank with legs that has a railing around the lower portion of the water storage area. There are antennas on that platform and handrail and also antennas on the top of the structure.

The second picture shows a cylinder water tank; the top is curved like an egg, which makes these tanks particularly fun to work on. In this instance, the antennas are attached to the side of the tank as well as on top of the tank. Most of those mounts have to be welded to the water tank.

Finally, in the third picture, there is what we call a golf ball water tank that is a big blob on a single pedestal. Usually, you climb up the inside of the pedestal and then exit a top port or a side port to access the antennas. In this case, the port is on top of the “golf ball,” and the antennas are on top of the tank.

It is not unusual to see antennas further down the round globe of the water tank. To install the antenna and work on antennas at that location, the climbers have to install ropes on the top of the water tank and descend over the side of the tank to where the antennas will be installed.